Digipharm (DPH) Partners with Pakistan to Launch Blockchain-Based Healthcare Solution

Иван Иванов
2 min readJan 29, 2021

article from the news portal https://blockchainworld.media

Digipharm (DPH), has inked a partnership deal with Pakistan’s Social Healthcare Fund. The alliance aims to digitize the processes of the nation’s healthcare funds controlled by the National Safety Division, Bait-Ul-Mal, according to a press release on January 27, 2021.

Healthcare on The Blockchain

Per a 2019 report by Healthcare Transformer, the global healthcare industry has been slow to join the digital revolution bandwagon, despite the fact digitalization could usher in a vast array of improvements to the sector, including enhanced healthcare delivery to patients, improved diagnosis, advanced access to medical services and more.

However, things have begun to change for the better in recent times. In the latest development, Digipharm (DPH), a platform that claims to be focused on accelerating the transformation to value-based healthcare, has inked a strategic partnership deal with the government of Pakistan, for the digitalization of processes in the country’s public healthcare sector.

Specifically, the team aims to integrate distributed ledger technology (DLT) into government-run health platforms and digitalize the process of rendering healthcare financial assistance to citizens.

Enhancing Healthcare Processes with Blockchain

What’s more, the collaboration will make it possible for Digipharm to optimize the country’s healthcare fund managed by the National Social Safety Division, Bait-Ul-Mal.

The team also hopes to digitize end-to-end financial processes as well as procurement activities, to foster transparency, whilst also fast-tracking healthcare delivery and support to poorer and less-privileged patients in the region who completely rely on the government’s health care services.

Ahmed Abdulla, CEO of Digpharm described the project as a great one for stakeholders, adding that:

“Using advanced technology to solve some of humanity’s grand challenges can significantly inspire other regions and organizations across the globe. We aim to make the implementation and our work with Pakistan’s Bait-Ul Mal a beacon of innovation that many can learn and benefit for the greater good of all stakeholders in Pakistan and the rest of the world.”

Digipharm says it plans to use its blockchain-based solutions to offer stakeholders of the program value-based healthcare management, patient procurement, and engagement, plus patient incentivization with DPH token, whilst also helping the government to save costs via an improved healthcare resource allocation system.

In related news, last February, BTCmanager reported that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) health industry has integrated blockchain technology into its processes for secure, tamper-proof patient data storage.

Last May, VeChain (VET) and Bayer China revealed plans to launch a DLT-powered platform that would enhance the traceability of clinical trial drugs.